Mike Vanderbilt (serialldykiller) wrote in gbv,
Mike Vanderbilt

The Romeros - Chicago Power Pop

This may be against the rules, and if it is, just delete the post, but I'm a big fan of GBV, even shared a stage with them three consecutive nights last Spring, and have posted here several times. I thought maybe some of y'all might wanna check out my band. Here's the info!

Hey all,

I suppose a little introduction is in order. I'm Mikey from The Romeros, a Chicago power pop/rock band from the south side of Chicago. We've been playing together for quite sometime now and are finally gaining a bit of momentum. I'd appreciate it if some of the lurkers here checked our stuff out. We've been compared to The Ramones, The Rolling Stones and The Strokes (I know, how much more generic can you get?), but our influences run more along the lines of The Replacements and Cheap Trick. We've got some shows coming up and are always looking for new and excting bands to play with. We book most of our own shows so if you ever want a gig, we're more than happy to oblige, and we're also more than happy to fill a spot. We have a Myspace and Audiostreet account, as well as a real live website. Not much else I can say except please check us out and let us know what you think.

Mikey Out.


P.S. Being an ego-centric lead singer, I also have a solo project, check that out here!
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