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The Sundance Channel is currently featuring a really interesting documentary titled In The Sun, which was created to remind Americans about the ongoing struggles of the survivors from Hurricane Katrina. The film also takes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the In The Sun EP, currently available on iTunes. All proceeds from the sale of the EP go to Mercy Corps, which is devoted to those still suffering in the wake of the hurricane.

The film was collaboration between Michael Stipe and photographer & Grammy-nominated video director Danny Clinch. It includes the song "In The Sun", which was written by singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur, as well as interviews with Arthur, Coldplay's Chris Martin, former Smashing Pumpkins' guitarist James Iha, Tulane University historian Douglas Brinkley and Katrina survivors. The Sundance Channel is showcasing the short film on its television network as well as online.
let me know what any of you think!

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there is new guided by voices stuff to once again buy. there is a new book by jim greer called "Gudied by Voices: a brief history", a DVD of the last show in chicago for the electrifying conclusion tour and another damn box set "Suitcase 2". bob recently signed with Merge Records which will release "From a Compound Eye" double cd/lp soon AND in january bob will be going on tour with his back up band. more info can always be found at http://www.robertpollard.net as if you didn't know already.

New Romeros Video!!!

This community has been dead of late, figured I'd talk up my band a bit...

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Chicago Power Pop phenoms, The Romeros have been on a roll as of late. A new lineup, new songs, new demos and new shows have brought the band back into the limelight. Now the Romeros have a new video from their show at McAuliffe's Pub in Racine Wisconsin. Shot by pegboy the live performance of 'Lie To Me' is featured on the band's Myspace page. Check it out!


The Romeros - Chicago Power Pop

This may be against the rules, and if it is, just delete the post, but I'm a big fan of GBV, even shared a stage with them three consecutive nights last Spring, and have posted here several times. I thought maybe some of y'all might wanna check out my band. Here's the info!

Hey all,

I suppose a little introduction is in order. I'm Mikey from The Romeros, a Chicago power pop/rock band from the south side of Chicago. We've been playing together for quite sometime now and are finally gaining a bit of momentum. I'd appreciate it if some of the lurkers here checked our stuff out. We've been compared to The Ramones, The Rolling Stones and The Strokes (I know, how much more generic can you get?), but our influences run more along the lines of The Replacements and Cheap Trick. We've got some shows coming up and are always looking for new and excting bands to play with. We book most of our own shows so if you ever want a gig, we're more than happy to oblige, and we're also more than happy to fill a spot. We have a Myspace and Audiostreet account, as well as a real live website. Not much else I can say except please check us out and let us know what you think.

Mikey Out.


P.S. Being an ego-centric lead singer, I also have a solo project, check that out here!


Hey there.
I'm looking to get heavily into some Guided by Voices trading! Live shows, the works. I have a fair bit to trade. Please let me know if you're interested....trades will need to be done on cd and via post, plus i live in New Zealand. so if that is all cool, get back to me! thanks
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Hi. I'm new here, but a long-term GBV fan. My favourite album is Vampire on Titus and my favourite song 'My Impression Now' :)

Anyway...I'm considering buying Box...is this a good move? I've heard mixed reports about the first albums so far, but I was wondering what you guys thought?
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